Finally, we’re in the throes of spring! Long bank holiday weekends and some hopefully half-decent weather await us. And no longer must we start and finish our days in the pitch black.

It’s also a great time to give your home a refresh. As the sun shimmers in through the windows, every nook, cranny and speck of dust is on show - which can be quite revealing!

So, where do you start? Well, the bedroom is as good-a place as any. After all, you spend a third of your life there, and who doesn’t want a fresh, clean space to retreat to after a long day, hard day at work.

As with everything, there’s a good and bad way of doing things. This handy checklist will make sure you’re well-prepared for the task ahead.

Read on to find out how to make your bedroom a relaxing retreat worthy of royalty.

The 5 step checklist

Be ready, be armed…

You don’t want to get psyched-up for a big day of spring cleaning to then find you don’t have the right tools at your disposal.

Make sure you buy all the cleaning products you need ahead of the big game. That’s surface sprays, sponges, dusters, bin bags…the lot.

Create a clear space

Discarded clothing, shoes boxes, magazines; whatever you have lying about on your floor, make sure to either remove them from the room or bin them. And be ruthless – that innocuous make-up wipe straddling the corner of your dresser has probably had better days.

The floor needs to be a clear, so you can move without feeling like you’re stumbling through an obstacle course. It also lets you dust, vacuum and clean with impunity and speed. After all, you don’t want to be doing this any longer than needed.

Wage war on your wardrobe

We said to be ruthless when dispensing of bedroom floor clutter. Now it’s time to tackle your biggest adversaries: the wardrobe and drawers.

It’s amazing how attached people can get to clothing they’ve not even dared to don for decades. But they’re using up valuable closet real estate and need to go.

Use this opportunity to free-up space, especially if your drawers are brimming with garments you wouldn’t even care to lose to a sibling or friend.

If they’re in good-nick, pop them in a box and take them to your local charity. If they’re beyond redemption, pack them in a box destined for the local recycling.

Still need extra room? Well you might be missing a trick. There’s often a generous amount of space under beds that go unnoticed or unused. Consider investing in a new bed with additional storage options to store away bulky items that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Same sheet, different day

When was the last time you cleaned your sheets? And be honest.

It may shock you to know that you’re meant to wash your bed sheets once a week on a hot wash to make sure you kill all of those germs.

Granted, washing and drying sheets is a bit of a faff, but doesn’t everyone love that fresh-bed feeling from newly washed sheets?

It doesn't just stop at your bed sheets either (sorry). You should really wash pillow cases, roughly, every two weeks. While you should wash the pillows themselves every 6 months, replacing them after two years of use.

Always remember to check the labels on your pillows and duvet before popping them in the wash. Specialist duvets and pillows, such as feather and down, will need professionally laundered, which is well worth considering before you make the transition from a heavy winter duvet to a lighter summer duvet.

Don't forget your mattress!

Don't just stop at your bedding either. Your mattress needs a little lovin' too, and you can really prolong its lifespan by reguarly rotating and turning it. A little maintenance also keeps it comfy for longer, which is a bonus.

Mattresses are also a haven but dust mites, sweat and other grizzly bacteria. It's worth cleaning it properly approximately every 6 months, which includes a full vacuum of the mattress surface and the removal of any lingering stains.

The finishing touches

OK, so you’ve done all the hard work and you’re bedroom is sparkling. Great.

Now just add a few finishing touches, perhaps an aromatic candle, reed diffusers or scented spray will round everything-off perfectly.