Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of the home. It’s a safe haven, somewhere for you to relax and forget all the trials and tribulations of the outside world. 

That’s why it’s important to make your bedroom a relaxing space, allowing you to rest and destress after a hectic day. You can make your bedroom the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of with our new Indulgence Collection. 

Our brand new range of British wool mattresses are handcrafted in our factory in rural Lancashire, combining natural British wool with fresh white fibres for durable, breathable, springy comfort. 

British wool is a fantastic breathable material that adapts perfectly to its environment. If you prefer to be warm and cosy, or often overheat whilst trying to sleep, the Rest Assured British wool mattress is designed to regulate your body temperature, helping you sail away into a peaceful sleep. No matter what the weather is like in the ever unpredictable UK, our Wool mattresses are adaptable for hot and cold nights.

Get to know our handcrafted British mattresses 

Our new luxury mattresses offer something for everyone, each with their own unique features: 

The Rest Assured Bliss Mattress - Key Features

● 800 zoned pocket springs for excellent spinal support 

● Medium firmness rating, ideal for side sleepers 

● Has high performance fresh white fibres, to provide responsive support for easy movement 

● British wool 

● Microquilt cover

The Rest Assured Eden Mattress - Key Features

● Fresh white fibres horizontally woven to provide a breathable comfort layer next to the sleep surface 

● 800 zoned pocket spring unit that offers excellent support 

● Medium firmness rating, ideal for side sleepers 

● British wool 

● Hand tufted


The Rest Assured Arcadia Mattress - Key Features

● 2000 zoned pocket springs for excellent spinal support 

● Three firmness ratings to suit all sleeper types 

● Layers of Wool and fresh white fibres

The Rest Assured Paradise Mattress - Key Features

● 2000 zoned pocket springs plus an additional 1000 mini springs for extra responsive comfort 

● Sumptuous hand tufted pillow top for extra luxury 

● Three firmness ratings including soft, medium and hard 

● British wool filling that is durable and springy 

Explore the full collection here.


Top tips for making your bedroom more relaxing 

Now you’ve found your perfect mattress, how can you make your bedroom more relaxing? Take a look at our top tips below: 

1. Get rid of unnecessary clutter - Too much going on in your bedroom will cause 

your mind to become cluttered and trying to get your head down will prove to be a difficult task. Why not invest in a bed that has great storage options so you can store away any unwanted wares. 

2. Invest in some lavender candles - Not only do candles create a calming 

atmosphere, according to The Sleep Doctor, the scent of lavender has been proven to ease anxiety and actually slow your heart rate down. You’ll be drifting off to sleep in no time! 

3. Change with the seasons - Keep an eye on the colour trends throughout the year 

and adapt your bedroom colours depending on the time of year. Change is a good thing and can give a new lease of life to any bedroom. Compliment your bedroom walls with bedroom accessories such as throws and cushions - it’s got to be comfortable, after all! 

4. Keep it cool - It may be an obvious one but having a cool bedroom can really help you sleep better. Leaving your windows open at night or investing in a fan can stop you from overheating and allows you to ease into a refreshing sleep.