Just as we conquer sleeping in the heat this summer we lurch into the cool winter nights where getting under the duvet and keeping warm is the next obstacle we face to getting the rest we need.

The winter chill can be uncomfortable and prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep, which is so important during these dark and challenging months where we need all the energy we can get to keep up with the frantic festive period.

We’re here with a host of tips that could help you beat the winter chill and wake-up feeling ready to embrace the day ahead. As ever, if you’re struggling with a chronic sleep disorder we always advise you see a GP.

Invest in a humidifier 

The atmosphere in your bedroom needs to be conducive with good, healthy sleep. During winter, the air can get dry, which puts a strain on your sinuses through the night and can cause disruptions in your sleep patterns.

A humidifier will add moisture to the air to help relieve dryness of the skin, nose and throat to combat common ailments caused by winter, such as the common cold or flu.

Temperature regulating mattress

A mattress that’s got temperature regulating properties can help keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Wool fibres naturally adapt to their environment and feature both insulating and breathable properties to help keep you warm or cool depending on the season, as well as being super-sumptuous to sleep on.

Our British Wool mattress has been designed in conjunction with the British Wool Marketing board to make sure it’s quality assured and fit for purpose: using the finest wool derived from British farms.

Find out more about our Good Housekeeping Institute approved British Wool Mattress

Get dressed up

Ok, we get it – pyjamas aren’t cool. But they’re definitely warm. Just like you need to put an extra-layer on when you leave the house in winter, those extra layers before bedtime can help keep you cosy in the cold.

Pyjamas are the outfit you’re going to wear the most, so investing in a luxurious pair is an indulgence worth paying for. Opt for a loose-fitting silk pair for that extra 5-star-feeling.

Relax with a herbal brew

There’s little scientific evidence that herbal teas can induce sleep, though some empirical studies have linked certain teas, such as chamomile, to better sleep.

There are so many herbal brews out-there linked to better sleep, including lavender, valerian and lemon balm, with a wide variety of wonderful flavours to choose from. So even if you’re not dozing before you’ve switched-off the bedroom light, you’ll at least have a good time drinking them.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with a piping-hot brew to keep you nice and warm before hitting the hay!

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Turn up the heat

Electric blanket sales tend to peak during winter for obvious reasons. They add that extra layer of warmth as you pull-those tired bones into bed and you can get adjustable blankets that give you control over the heat.

Plus, you can get dual comfort blankets if your partner is less enthusiastic about the idea. Win-win!