At Rest Assured, we’re always looking at new ways to help you relax, unwind and get a better night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep doesn’t just start when your head hits the pillow. You also need to be in the right frame of mind to relax and invite sleep.

Arts and crafts can be positive therapeutic tools that help boost a person’s mental health, reduce stress and improve confidence.

Here are 4 simple craft ideas that can help you unwind in the evening after a long day, whether you’ve been working, looking after the kids or even just a day of hectic shopping.

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Back to collage

Remember when we used to use cameras instead of mobiles to capture memories and moments?

We’re all suckers for a little nostalgia. Dusting-off those old childhood pics and placing them into a framed collage can be a great way to remember happy times from the past, while getting creative too.

The beauty of making a collage is that there are no rules. Use ribbons, old buttons, different materials, fabrics and typography to create a collage that’s unique to you and represents your personality.

Plus, it’s accessible to anyone – all you have to do is unlock your creative spirit and get gluing!

The rhythm of the knit

The repetitive rhythm of knitting can be oddly therapeutic, allowing you to lose yourself in the motion. It’s almost like a process of ‘active meditation’.

And if you think knitting is the sole reserve of your granny making a Christmas scarf, think again. Knitting and crochet are back in vogue, as more and more people opt for making garments that are personal and special, as opposed to more expensive High Street alternatives.

Butcher, baker, candle stick maker

Candles are great for adding a bit of romantic ambience to any occasion, and have been tipped to be one of the big crafty trends of 2018.

There are plenty of handy guides out there and you don’t need a lot of ingredients to get going:

  • Paraffin, soy or traditional beeswax
  • A wick
  • Fragrance oils. Choose lavender, which can help induce sleep
  • Find a container, which can be a jar, glassware or tin

Just another reason to pop the cork

Enjoy the odd bottle of vino? Well, while a glass of wine can apparently help lower blood pressure, it could also unleash the creative spirit inside you.

Wine cork bulletin boards are really easy to assemble, look great and are completely natural. Simply keep the cork from your freshly polished bottle of wine until you have enough to glue and assemble within a frame of your choice.

You can also use the bulletin board to pin a note reminding yourself to get a fresh bottle in when you’ve run out!