At Rest Assured we’re great supporters of British craftsmanship, innovation and heritage.  

We’re proud to design and make all of our mattresses and beds right here in the UK.  In fact, Rest Assured mattresses have been made in the UK since 1898.

So, to mark the brands 120th year, we thought we’d do a run-down of some of our favourite quintessentially British brands.

Think we’ve missed an obvious one? Let us know which your favourite brand is and why in the comments sections below.


Founded in South Shields in 1894, Barbour has become synonymous with functional and fashionable outerwear, accessories and leather goods.

What makes Barbour so special? Well, it’s been at the forefront of British retail for over 124 years, still has a factory in its South Shields home and remains under the ownership of the Barbour family.

Such is the popularity of its famous waxed cotton jackets that the term ‘Barbour jacket’ is regularly used as a point of reference for waxed cotton jackets in general, regardless of the actual brand behind it.

Barbour’s origins began with producing outdoor clothing for seamen, sailors and dockers who needed protection against the rigours of life on the sea. From this, they grew a reputation for producing high-quality clothing that could withstand the most rigorous weather conditions – a reputation that still precedes them today.

Land Rover

Nature’s intrepid adventurer, the Land Rover has been traversing the hills, mountains and roads of Britain since 1948.

Truly iconic and famed for everlasting durability and perpetual innovation, Land Rover’s beginnings came from a sketch in the sand on an Angelesey beach by Maurice Wilks, who wanted to create an all-terrain vehicle that could overcome the most demanding obstacles. Few would suggest he failed on his mission.

Since the first Land Rover rolled-off the production line in 1948, it’s estimated that an incredible two-thirds are still in operation today. Testament to incredible design and durability.


The baby of the family, Dyson is the youngest brand on our list at 25-years-young. Formed in 1993 by James Dyson, the company has gone from creating the first bagless vacuum, to innovating in a multitude of areas including: solar panels, hair dryers, hand dryers and lighting.

Dyson is known for a commitment to engineering and painstaking research to make sure their next innovation will strike the right chord with consumers.

In fact, Dyson spent £50m and a number of years researching the problems and obstacles over hair drying alone! After studying over 1000 miles of human hair, they created the Supersonic handheld hair dryer. Now that’s dedication to the cause…

Ted Baker

Ted Baker was founded in Glasgow in 1987 and still has headquarters in London. Since its inception, the brand has become synonymous with British fashion and culture, with clothing purveying a distinctly ‘British’ feel.

As a brand, Ted Baker has always basked in being a bit quirky: weaving British eccentricity into every hem and seam, while wholeheartedly embracing the title of ‘No ordinary designer label’.

Always one for the unconventional, every Ted Baker outlet across the world is different in look-and-feel as it opts to embrace the idiosyncrasies of the city it’s in, rather than the standard cookie cutter approach of most.

John Lewis

The grandad of the list, John Lewis & Partners has been a British institution since 1864, and is still closely associated with trust, quality and impeccable customer service, which is why its famous slogan of ‘never knowingly undersold’ has been in use since 1925.

One of the stalwarts of the Christmas period remains the John Lewis & Partners Christmas advert, which is still eagerly awaited by many since it entered our screens in 2007, and is often seen as the ‘kick off’ to the festive period.