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March 2013 News

  • Latex Provides the Ultimate Comfort

    With over 100 years experience making beautiful, affordable luxury beds; Rest Assured are well aware of the unprecedented comfort of their sumptuous latex fillings. It’s the latest in bedtime comfort, a natural and supportive filling which provides luxurious comfort like no other. Iftikhar Mirza, Rest Assured’s Product Quality Manager, answers some questions to reveal the true benefits of latex once and for all.

    Q. What is latex? It sounds like some sort of synthetic material...

    A. It may not sound like it, but latex is a natural material, it is made from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and our latex is also aerated for extra bounce and coolness.

    Q. I’ve heard memory foam is best for people with bad backs...

    A. Latex is extra bouncy, so it allows you to move around in bed much more easily than you could on a thick memory foam mattress. It is important that you move in your sleep as this allows the fluid to move around your spine to keep it “well oiled” and free of toxins

    Q. I have a latex allergy, should I avoid latex mattresses?

    A. The latex that is used in all Rest Assured mattresses is effectively “cooked” before it goes into the mattress. This diminishes risk of allergic reactions to almost nil.

    Q. What makes Rest Assured latex mattresses better than other latex products?

    A. At Rest Assured, we combine a generous layer of latex with 1,000’s of individually responsive pocket springs. Our springs are packed into pockets under tension so that they are ready and waiting to provide support. The springs are reinforced around the edges to prevent roll off. The pressure map shows one of our latex mattresses performs in testing. You can see that the mattress provides maximum support with minimum pressure.

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