Terms & Conditions of your Full Manufacturer's Guarantee

If you wish to make a claim under the guarantee please check the conditions below and any in this booklet relating to your specific product. You must be able to provide proof of purchase/delivery to be able to register a claim. Your purchase must have been made through an authorised retailer of Rest Assured products within the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

  1. Your mattress may be delivered flat or rolled. Specialist equipment is used to roll a mattress. Please do not attempt to bend or re-roll your mattress yourself. This applies on delivery and should you need to move the mattress from room to room or house to house.
  2. Please do not attempt to modify, alter or adapt your mattress, bed or headboard as this will invalidate your guarantee. 
  3. Your mattress must have been used in accordance with the care instructions and turned and rotated ‘top-to-toe’ if double sided or rotated ‘top-to-toe’ if single sided to help with settling the cushioning layers.
  4. A single sided or ‘no turn’ mattress is usually indicated on the label. Single sided mattresses should only ever be used on the sleeping surface – label side up.
  5. We are unable to accept items that are soiled or unhygienic.
  6. We recommend that you use a breathable mattress protector from new to maintain your mattress.
  7. The mattress should not be used without bed linen.
  8. The mattress must be used with a suitable base – one which will provide suitable support e.g. with slatted bed frames the slat widths should be 10cm and the gap between them no more than 7.5 cm.
  9. The weight tolerance of 7kg for the small drawers, 15kg for the standard drawer and 40kg for ottoman beds has not been exceeded. Overloading the drawers can cause distortion or damage and may also cause them to jam. Ensure weight is evenly distributed.
  10. We will be unable to accept a claim if the product has been subjected to unfair wear and tear or misuse.
  11. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage and only covers defects in manufacture, materials or workmanship.
  12. We may choose to instruct an independent third party specialist to carry out an in-home assessment of your product and claim to assist in our decision making. 
  13. This guarantee only applies to Rest Assured products that have been purchased from an authorised retailer in the UK and Republic of Ireland. 
  14. This guarantee only applies to domestic products that have been purchased and used in a domestic setting. This guarantee does not apply to commercial products or premises.
  15. This guarantee can’t be transferred to anyone else if you decide to sell your Rest Assured product within the guarantee period.
  16. This guarantee is a manufacturer’s guarantee and is limited to repair or replacement at our discretion. You may have additional rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 with your retailer. It is usual for your retailer to deal with your claim in at least the first year after purchase, so always check with them first.
  17. This guarantee does not affect your consumer rights.