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Q: which bed is better 1.Rest Assured Royston Double or 2.Rest Assured Hartwell 1400 Pkt Memory Double houston

It is not possible to tell you which of these beds is best for you.  Both have different qualities and it depends on your individual requirements.

The Royston has 1200 springs with a luxurious layer of latex.  The Hartwell has 1400 springs and a layer of sumptuous body moulding memory foam.  Therefore, each mattress is going to feel different.

Memory foam is a good insulator and moulds to the body's contours, Working with your natural body heat, it moulds to your curves to relieve uncomfortable pressure points.  Our intelligent new design means that unlike other foams, you can also now turn over easily - keeping your body's circulation healthy.

Latex gives you cushioned support and great pressure relief but, unlike memory foam, it doesn't need body heat to be activated.  It's also naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for allergy sufferers.  As latex is the most durable and resilient sleep surface available, your mattress will always retain its bounce.