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Q: We recently (it arrived 4 nights ago) ordered an Andria Mattress, having read about it, & liking the sound of the luxury layer of Memory Foam & also the 'Medium' rating. I would like to ask how thick the layer of Memory foam is supposed to be? To me it feels like only a cm or so which to me is certainly not a 'luxury' layer (the recommended depth for optimum comfort is nearer 5cm). Also, queryng how you rate this bed as a 'medium'? having visited several showrooms & laying on numerous makes of mattresses we came away confident that Medium was the best for us, the medium firm being too hard. This mattress to me feels like a Medium firm - Firm. I get no sleep & I am getting numb hips & shoulders when trying to sleep. I am tired, fed up & aching. C Sweeney

The memory foam layer in all our product measures 30mm. If you are unhappy with the comfort and the description of the product that you bought we would recommend that you contact the retailer from which you purchased in order to discuss your options.