Recently Asked Questions

Q: We currently have a Nurture pocket memory matress, please can you tell me what equivalent mattress that you would recommend for its replacement. Suzanne Robinson

We thank you for your recent email in which you ask about the Nurture bed. This model is discontinued and unfortunately does not have an equivalent in today’s range. We have changed many aspects of bed manufacture in this time and no longer produce this specification.

Our best suggestion to you would be to approach your local bed retailer and ask them to talk you through the current features and benefits of our new range.

Narrow your choice down to two or three and then spend plenty of time lying on these in your normal sleeping positions. Five or 10 minutes should be the minimum for each bed - but feel free to spend half an hour or even an hour, if that's what you want to do.  Only you will be able to tell which mattress gives you the best level of support and comfort.