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Q: we are trying to find a price on a Rest assured bed , our home was struck by lightning 3 weeks ago and unfortunately we have lost 90% of our furniture and possessions including our wonderful bed, we need to find a similar one of the same quality for insurance purposes and for replacement, we bought our bed about 9 years ago and paid around £1000 for it. It was a pocket deluxe spring 2000 and the name of it was Westminster, kingsize , If you can help with this request, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you,Elizabeth Logsdon elizabeth Logsdon

We no longer produce the 'Westminster'. The nearest equivalent within todays range would be the 'Cashmere' which is part of our Elequance range available on the high street. Alternatively there is the 'Minerva' which os part of our online range, Silouhette. Our website will give you a link to retailers so you can find the prices.