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Q: Purchased a Rest assured mattress on the 3/3/2012, took delivery month later, just been in the shop to ask for assistance as mattress on one side is bulging outwards, we look after this product, we turn the mattress on a 4 weekly basis, and never sit on the edge of the bed as advised by the salesman, we expect a good quality mattress to last longer than 12 months, but we have been told by the shop that the guarantee has expired, and all we can do is purchase another, we paid a lot of money for a good named product, the mattress is very comfortable, but we are worried that this problem with the mattress is going to get worse, the shop are not very helpful with this problem and we hope that you can be of a more helpful assistance, as we feel a quality product should last longer than the few months we have actually used it, as even after delivery, our bedroom was not finished, as we only just purchased the property, rooms were still a working progress. Thank you for your time Christina wilkinson

All Rest Assured products come with a 5 year sliding scale warranty. You may no longer be within the retailers own 12mth guarantee however you are still covered by our 5 yr warranty. Your sale of contract lies with the store, I must refer you back to them. They should discuss with you the nature of your complaint and then liaise with Rest Assured on your behalf regarding that warranty.