Recently Asked Questions

Q: Please could you confirm what comfort rating the minerva 2000 pocket sprung mattress is. Some shops say firm others soft. It would help to have it confirmed by manufacturer. h johnson

Comfort is very subjective and there are no universal standards of firmess in the UK.  Hence why there is the variation between stockists.  Our best advice to you would be to try the product for yourself.

The Minerva mattress is substantially filled and boasts generous fillings for a luxurious feel.  The 2000 pocket springs are supportive and the hand tufting does create a firmer feel. Hand tufting is a process of nylon tapes passed through the damask covers panels at regular intervals and secured on each side.  The purpose of hand tufting is to pre-tension the mattress springs and upholstery, ensuring the generous layers of fillings stay in place.