Recently Asked Questions

Q: Please can you tell me the difference between the 'Dreams' exclusive Sicily 2400 mattress and the Sanctuary 2600 mattress. I understand the difference in the amount of pocket springs but is there any difference in the latex topping/pillow? Helen Somerfield

The filling combinations in the Sanctuary 2600 are different from the Sicily.    The latex layers in each are the same. You need to try both of the mattresses to find the one that is best for you.

There is no substitute to trying before you buy and selecting the right one for you. If you share your bed with a partner it is important that you try the bed together to ensure you are both comfortable and supported.  Don’t just sit on the edge and bounce up and down, actually lay down and stay there for ten minutes or more.  Do not be embarrassed about lying on the beds in the showroom – that is what they are there for!