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Q: On 7 April I bought a new 4'6'' Silk 1400 Eloquence mattress which has since been used nightly only by myself ( weight 13 stone 2 pounds. I am surprised and disappointed a hollow is developing on the side I use.The retailer tells me this is normal settlement but i am unconvinced and only wonder how deep this will be after a second month of use. I have rotated the mattress today and also wonder if I will just end up with another hollow on the other side and if so am I then to sleep in the middle to prevent an unsightly ridge developing. I am not satisfied all is well with my new mattress and would appreciate your comments and guidance. If,as manufacturer, you anticipate this settlement surely you apply preventative measures during manufacturing. G Oliver

Due to modern day fillings being more sumptuous than their predecessors, settlement within your mattress should be expected and is perfectly normal. When our products leave the factory they are plump with layers of air between the fillings and as the mattress is used the air is expelled and a certain amount of natural settlement will inevitably occur. This should not be a cause for concern and regular turning and rotating of the mattress will even this out over time.