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Q: My mother is wanting to down size her bed to a single, she would like to replace the mattress like for like a 1600 pocket classic golden jubilee do you still stock this make and are there any other similar makes and styles to update this mattress nick tomsett

We no longer manufacture anything similar to the Golden Jubilee anymore.  The nearest spring counts now available are 1400 or 2000.  These are available with a wide variety of different fillings.  You will need to research the various options to try and ascertain what you think your mother would prefer.  Ideally, she should try the bed before making a purchase if possible.  Comfort is very subjective and it would be inappropriate for us to recommend any one particular product.  Narrower your choice down to one or two products and should you require more information about any of them, do not hesitate to post another question to aid your decision making.