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Q: Is there a difference between your following beds please: The Rest Assured Royal Ortho 1000 king and the Rest Assured Ortho 1000 king? Can you specify if they are medium/firm or firm? also supply a link for viewing. euan

Comfort is very subjective, and if you prefer a much firmer mattress, we've got just the thing. Our Pocket Classic Ortho range has been designed with more robust springs to give extra support. On top of the springs, layers of top quality natural fillings, such as lambs wool and cashmere add sumptuous cushioning, because even a firm mattress should feel like a real luxury.

The Royal Ortho is exclusive to Tesco and comes on a platform top base.  This will be a firm mattress.

The Ortho 1000 is from our brochure range and is available with the following bases:

Padded top – provides a firmer foundation and is the perfect partner for our Ortho mattresses.

Sprung – a layer of quality bonnell springs works in harmony with the mattress springs, maintaining mattress performance and comfort.

The mattress will be firmest when used in conjuction with the padded top base rather than the sprung base.