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Q: I'm considering buying a Pocket Latex - Pelago 1400 and want to know the advantage over the Verona or if I should consider looking at the Salerno - Where can I try these. Stuart Bateson

You can't often improve on nature, but we have.  Natural latex is already super-soft and plush, but the specially developed Innergetic latex we use is even springier and more responive.  It works in perfect harmony with our pocket springs, giving you a more comfortable and refreshing night's sleep, and it's so robust, you'll never need to turn the mattress over.

The difference between the three mattresses Pelago, Verona and Salerno is the number of springs in each.  This will give each mattress a slightly different feel.  As comfort is very subjective our recommendation is that you do visit a Rest Assured retailer and try each of the beds for yourself.  Only you can decide which suits you best.  If you do share your bed with a partner, be sure to try the bed together.  Lie on each one for at least 10mins, don't be embarrased that is what our shop floor models are there for!

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