Recently Asked Questions

Q: I recently purchased a Casoria 2000 Latex from It was delivered on 2nd August. Unfortunately, it has had a very strong smell ever since unwrapping it making me unhappy about sleeping on it. It was aired after unwrapping for a day before putting bedsheets on it and I have been removing sheets and leaving windows wide open every day, but the smell is still strong. My husband has allergies and asthma and I am 5 months pregnant so the chemical smell is a concern to me. Jo

All new products would be expected to have a 'new' smell to them; however we would expect this to disappear within the first few days after delivery. Please be assured that we use nothing within our products that would be harmful to human health. If you believe that the odour is not dissipating, may we respectfully request that you contact the retailer at your earliest convenience, so that they can liaise with ourselves, to recommend the best and speediest solution.