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Q: I purchased a double sized Gem mattress two years ago and am having a big problem with stains on it.I am very nervous of putting any bought products on it in case I damage the memory foam. I have put a mattress protector on it but even that's not protecting it. Can you help? susan martin

In regards to cleaning mattresses we do not recommend the use of heavy detergents or chemical cleaners as they may damage the fabric and stitching. Light stains may be removed by using a mild detergent such as a well diluted washing up liquid, taking care not to saturate the fillings as this may cause problems with the springs. An occasional spray with a fabric freshener such as 'Febreeze' would be acceptable to combat odours. Occasional light vacuuming over the surface of the mattress will reduce dust build up, taking care not to use too strong a suction level as fibres can be pulled through the outer fabric.