Recently Asked Questions

Q: I have to replace a Kingsize 'Picasso' mattress. Please could you tell me which of your current range is the equivelant. Thank you D Jones

We thank you for your recent question in which you ask about a replacement product for the 'Picasso'.  Unfortunately, we no longer manufacture this particular bed and it does not have an equivalent in today's range.

Our main recommendation to you would be to look at the label on your current Picasso mattress and check the spring count and fillings.  We would then advise that you visit a couple of your nearest bed retailers using our stockist search, and start to try different beds for yourself and see what you like. Ask your local retailer to talk you through the features and benefits of each product you try.  Key things to think about when you are buying are support, comfort and size.  Remember that taking the time to try a new bed is a 10-minute investment to ensure you get many years of comfortable sleep.