Recently Asked Questions

Q: I have a Rest Assured bed that I bought a few years ago that I love and I want another one!The name on it is Bonnell Springs, do you still do that style, I can't find it on the website. If not which bed is most like it? Mariclare Carey-Jones

We regret to inform you that we no longer use this type of spring system.  Our mattress now contain pocket springs. 

Pocket springs are smaller than open coil springs and are fitted within fabric pockets, hence the name. These pockets allow the springs to work independently of each other, providing individual support and preventing pressure points from building as you sleep. Pocket sprung mattresses are generally constructed using higher quality materials and will fit into a higher price range than the open coil ranges.

Our springs are so responsive, it’s almost as if we tailor your mattress to your own personal specification.  Placed closely together under layers of sumptuous fillings, the hundreds of springs in a Rest Assured mattress adjust to your unique shape, giving you exactly the right amount of support exactly where you need it.

Each precision engineered coil is wrapped in its own individual soft cloth sleeve, which holds it at the optimum tension and allows it to move independently.  This means that each spring is poised, ready to respond to your every movement, so that every sleeping position becomes your most favourite.  Being supported in this much comfort promises a deep and restorative sleep, all night long.

Our unique spring system forms the basis of five main mattress ranges.  Each has a different combination of springs and fillings so you can choose your own personal version of heaven.