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Q: I have a Rest Assured 2400 pocket spring pillow top (slightly separated from main mattress) mattress on a sprung edged 4 drawer base. It may have been from the Sanctuary range. I now need to change the mattress as it is starting to dip mainly on my husbands side. It seems that this collection is no longer available and would like your advice on which new collection I should look to. I really do not want to change the base as apart from matching my bedroom it is in perfect condition and we had upgraded with extra cost originally. When I have enquired about a mattress locally I am told that if I don't buy a new base the mattress guarantee would be void! How can this be if you sell mattresses separately? I appreciate any help that you could get me re this matter. Regards Wendy Watkins Mrs W Watkins

The mattress can be replaced alone if the base is still sound and would be fine to use with a new mattress. The range has changed quite drastically since your last purchase and we would recommend that you visit local retailers in order to find your perfect product. Where to buy