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Q: I had a single rest assured bed 1400 classic pocket spring bed and .loved it.i now need a small double or double divan bed. what was the single bed I have made from, do you know? I would like to know its fillings I like the style of no tufts or buttons, its a smoother top mattress but don't like memory foam or latex and some say wool fibres can cause allergies, so I wonder does that apply to cashmere which is goat?? I would love the same bed I have but in a double. which one do I choose??? julie smith

We have a number of 1400 mattresses that have no additional memoryfoam or latex. Please take a look at the Silk 1400 Luxury or the Verona 1400, although this is actually hand tufted. Our cashmere should cause no problems unless of course you have a pre existing allergy. Recommending a new mattress is very difficult, after all comfort is such a personal perception, what may be comfortable for you may not be for others. There really is no substitute for trying a mattress and seeing what would best suit. We would recommend taking a look at our postcode locater to trace your nearest stockist.