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Q: I bought a sapphire ortho double mattress in 2004. I wish to donate it to a local charity but cannot find a fire resistant label or any label saying that it conforms to BS7177. How do I find out that it does conform to the safety regs. Kind regards Mr M Murnan Mr M Murnan

Since 1 March 1989 the regulations required for fillings in new beds to resist ignition in the way and to the degree specified in the Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988. Since 1 March 1993 the same legal requirement in relation to fillings has been equally applicable to the supply of second-hand beds and from January 1997 to new lets for upholstered furniture in tenanted accommodation. The recognised British Standard is BS 7177:2008 which requires both mattress and base to be labelled to show compliance. Whilst your mattress is likely to conform to current regulations, without being labelled, it cannot be deemed to comply with that standard. I'm afraid a label cannot be added at a later date.