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Q: I am looking to purchase the Elysium mattress from Costco. As there is no sample to try can you tell me what other mattress is available on the high street and who stocks it so that I can try it out for firmness etc? L young

The Elysium is exclusive to Costco, so we don't manufacture an identical product under a different name, that you could try in the high street.  The closest match based on spring count and a memory foam filling layer would be the White Angel.

Pocket springs with advanced body-moulding memory foam for optimum support and comfort
• 2,000 individually responsive pocket springs are comfortable and supportive
• Deep layer of memory foam, which moulds perfectly to the shape of your body
• Quilted mattress cover made from soft knitted fabric
• Easy to care for as there’s no need to turn the mattress
• Enriched with comforting aloe vera
• Side-stitched mattress border for a traditional look and a supportive mattress edge