Recently Asked Questions

Q: I am looking at buying the Elysium bed from Costco but have also seen a 2000 spring one on the Paul Simon website and am now confused as to which one to go for. As I can't try the Costco one can you advise me which is the best in manufacture and cost? Gail

The Elysium mattress in Costco contains memory foam.  It will not have the same feel as the Concerto in Paul Simon which contains latex.

If memory foam's your thing, you'll love our new generation memory foam.  Working with your natural body heat, it moulds to your curves to relieve uncomfortable pressure points.  Our intelligent new design means that unlike other foams, you can also now turn over easily - keeping your body's circulation healthy.

Looking for ultimate comfort in an instant?  Our new natural latex gives you cushioned support and great pressure relief but, unlike memory foam, it doesn't need body heat to be activated.  It's also naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for allergy sufferers.  As latex is the most durable and resilient sleep surface available, your mattress will always retain its bounce.

Both these mattresses are made to the same high standards that we adhere to across our business. 

With regard to cost, this is determined by the retailer and we do not influence the selling price.

We hope you find the above useful, when choosing between the two.