Recently Asked Questions

Q: how thick is the latex on your Sanctuary Latex mattress and is it 100% natural latex. Do you have any pictures of the constrution of the mattress. Many thanks Ian ian gooseman

We do not measure our latex by thickness it is measured in gms. 

Our new Innergetic Latex contains thousands of bubbles that are literally energy giving.  It also has unique elasticity, giving a natural bounce that helps you move freely for healthy sleep.  Innergetic Latex provides instant pressure relief and total comfort, so you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for anything.

Our latex is a blend of natural and synthetic materials to give optimum physical performance and also compliance to legal flammability requirements. Our latex in mattresses does not come into direct skin contact with the sleeper, as such the risk of any adverse reactions is virtually nil. There are no hazardous chemicals within the latex. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers are testament to this fact. Please note, as with all textile-based products, there are chemicals present but all materials we use are from reputable suppliers where raw materials meet stringent EU or international safety standards for safety against human health or damage to our environment.