Recently Asked Questions

Q: Hi we have been given a Rossini 1000 mattress for my daughter. It's so comfortable I want one for myself but can't see it on your website. If this has changed name can I have the current name please. Many thanks Jo Johnson

Thank you for your email and your interest in our products. The ‘Rossini 1000’ is no longer produced I’m afraid. It had a 1000 pocket sprung unit with a 3cm Latex layer however there is no direct equivalent available from our current range. The nearest would be something like ‘Cesena’ see here , although this actually has 1400 springs rather than 1000. Alternatively there is the ‘Latex Luxury’ again this has 1400 springs rather than 1000. There is no better test than trying a bed yourself, after all everybody’s perception of comfort is different. On our website you will find a postcode link to your nearest retailers that way you can go and try before you buy.