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Q: Hi Need your help and guidance, in the last 10 years we have purchased two beds. Our last bed purchased 4 years ago again is no longer comfortable there is a ridge down the centre of the bed with a hollow each side. I weigh 12 stone 10 and my wife 13 stone 4. The base of the bed is sprung and the mattress is a Rest Assured, Sanctuary, Impress 2600 We need a slightly firmer mattress can you recommend a good mattress that will last for many years, Regards Bill Bill Buckton

Comfort is such a personal perception it is very hard to recommend a mattress for another. What may be firm to one may not be for someone else. However what I can say is that any mattress with a tufted stitching pattern will offer a firmer feel, see the Silk Ortho 1400 or the Minerva Luxury 2000 fro example.