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Q: Hi, We currently have a double Rest Assured Allure 2600 Memory Foam Double Mattress. We are changing our bed and moving to Super King. You no longer make this mattress and we were thinking of getting the Cassoria Latex Luxury 2000. Is this mattress of a similar firm-ness and is it as good as the allure? Is the Cassoria your best mattress or should we look at another? Thanks, Phil Phil

The Casoria Latex Luxury 2000 mattress contains 2,000 individual springs packed tightly into pockets so that each spring is ready and waiting to support every inch of your body. Plus, generous layers of natural latex for unsurpassed indulgent comfort. It is at the highest end of our latest range. The feel of the mattress will be different to the Allure you previously had, as it contains Latex instead of Memoryfoam, the Latex generally gives a softer feel. However the 2600 pocket unit would feel firmer than the 2000 so this may well balance out the overall feel. However, it would be unfair of us to suggest one model over another, as buying a mattress is as individual and personal as buying a car or a new pair of shoes. There is no better test than trying a mattress yourself. We would recommend using our postcode search facility to locate your nearest retailer, that way you can see & feel what would suit you best. The nearest equivalent to the Casoria on the high street would be the Latex Luxury 2000.