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Q: Hi, I've had for the past 7 years a rest assured Saturn super king mattress that I couldn't be happier with. However, it's getting a bit shabby and I'd like to replace it with something as close to the same spec as possible. I believe it is pocket sprung (1400) and medium to firm tension. Could you please tell me which of your current range is the closest in spec to the Saturn? I don't mind upgrading to the 2000 spring but I'd like it to feel as similar as possible to the Saturn as extremely happy with it. Thanks Tunch

We have changed our products over recent years and no longer have a direct equivalent to the ‘Saturn' I’m afraid. We do however have a number of 1400 units that you may like for instance the SILK 1400, available through our high street range or the Verona 1400 from our Internet range.