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Q: Hi, Can you please confirm the following queries on the Lounceston mattress. The GSM of the cashmere / pure wool / silk used to make up the support / bridging & comfort layers? Has it been hand tuffed & stitched? Can it be used on a slated bed frame? Which mattress topper is recommended for this mattress? Thanks. Elaine Rough

The Lounceston is a product that is exclusive to Amazon. We are unable to provide the GSM of our Cashmere/Wool but can confirm that they are used in this model. The Lounceston is a hand tufted mattress with machine stitching and is suitable for use on either sprung or flat slatted bases as long as the slats are no more than 10cm apart.The choice of mattress topper would be entirely yours based on what you prefer. As long as a mattress protector is used your warranty would be valid.