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Q: Hello There! I have bought a tatiana double pocket ortho mattress from Argos.Are you able to tell me what firmness rating this mattress is? I'm thinking it's a 4 or a 5 as the website states firm with extra firm feel and the label on the bed says firm. I would like to know as I previously had a pocket ortho many years ago but it felt softer.It had no firmness rating on the label you see.I'm looking at a monza mattress which is a 3 so it would be really helpful to know to know the rating of the tatiana. Can you have a pocket ortho that is a 3? or was I more likely to have had a 4? If you are able to help I would be most grateful. Louise Montgomery Louise Montgomery

Rest Assured do not offer numbered firmness ratings as firmness is subjective and open to personal interpretation. The particular mattress would be described as extra firm, due to the finish on the mattress being hand tufted. Depending on the style of base you are using too will alter the firmness to the mattress. Ultimately, the comfort level depends on your perception.