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Q: Good Morning - I purchased a super king mattress (Aria Model) about 10 years ago. Could you advise what the current equivalent model in your product range would be? Many Thanks Singh

We often find that comfort issues are very subjective and open to personal interpretation. It would be unfair of us to suggest one model over another, as buying a mattress is as individual and personal as buying a car or a new pair of shoes. If I could respectfully refer you to our website, you will find all our current ranges and also a postcode link to your nearest retailers. There really is nothing better than going and trying out a mattress before you buy, seeing what would suit and what would offer you the best level of support and comfort. Perhaps I could suggest some of our more popular mattresses for you to look at i.e. 'Cashmere Luxury 2000' or 'Silk Ortho 1400'