Recently Asked Questions

Q: Can you tell me the different types of firmness the lilac star comes in and which London Dreams stockists have this one to try. Dan

The Lilac star is not available in a variety of firmnesses.   Most beds are available in firm, medium and soft ratings but these labels can vary from brand to brand.  Comfort is very subjective.  There are no universal standards of firmness in common usage in the UK.    Because of this we don't give our beds a firmness rating like some manufacturers.

The Lilac Star is from our Sanctuary 2400 range.  A luxurious combination of traditional
pocket springs, mini springs and sumptuous latex.  2,400 individually responsive pocket
springs, including 1,400 luxurious mini springs for added comfort combined with a layer of soft, lavishly comfortable natural latex. The luxury pillow top layer is enriched with aloe vera and benefits from unique concealed tufts, an innovative alternative to traditional tufting for extra comfort and luxury. Two rows of traditional hand side stitching for a supportive and comfortable mattress edge, sure to leave you sleeping in restful bliss.

Dreams do not stock the Lilac Star there nearest equivalent availabe on line in the Othello.