Recently Asked Questions

Q: Can you tell me if its best to buy an upholstered bed base. A Bull

The type of base you buy is down to personal preference.  However, the type of base you choose will have an affect on the overall firmness of the bed.

Platform bases provide a firmer foundation, beds with these bases are generally cheaper than beds with sprung bases.  Firm edge bases have a spring system contained within a timber frame, giving the base a medium/firm feel. Sprung edge bases feature a complete spring unit on top of the base giving a softer feel. Considered the most luxurious option, they provide even more support across the whole mattress and act like a giant shock absorber, increasing the mattress’s durability.

Generally, the rule is, if your base is firm, choose a softer mattress and if your base is soft, choose a firmer mattress, to achieve a medium feel sleeping comfort