Recently Asked Questions

Q: can you recommened which type of mattress protector we can use for your scicilly mattress would we be better with a cotton or a waterproof one mmcdonald

Mattress protectors provide a protective layer to help keep your mattress hygienic and stain-free.  We always recommend that you use a protector as the average adult perspires a pint of moisture every night.  Choose one with ddp, fitted sides to keep it securely in place.  Most can be laundered at home.

Quilted protectors are made from cotton or poly-cotton, they are quilted together with an extra, slightly padded inner layer.  For maximum comfort it is advisable to choose one made from pure cotton.

Waterproof protectors are a good choice for children or the elderly as they incorporate a special waterproof layer that will keep your mattress stain-free.  Choose one with extra layers of cotton on top of the plastic waterproof layer.