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  • Review by: Jill
    Date of Review: 09 March 2018

    Most uncomfortable

    review rating

    Recently bought this as it was recommended as the replacement for the Eloquence Luxury Cashmere mattress. It is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever slept on. It has given me pain in my back, hips and shoulders that I did not have previously. If you want a medium/soft mattress this is not for you.

  • Review by: Mr Stephen Wilfin
    Date of Review: 08 March 2018

    Willowford Latex Kingsize mattress

    review rating

    We have purchashed a Willowford Latex matress from Discount Beds in Sheffield (a highly recommended firm) and would like to say that we are very pleased with our purchase. It seems to be very comfortable and giving us a good nights sleep and have recommended your products to friends.

  • Review by: j glave
    Date of Review: 07 March 2018

    luxury new mattress

    review rating

    New willowford rest assured mattress with topper is so comfy. After suffering with bad backs new it was time for a new mattress best buy we've made in a while would highly recommend for a good nights sleep

  • Review by: Heather Myatt
    Date of Review: 06 March 2018

    British wool collection

    review rating

    Worst bed I’ve ever had! So uncomfortable and now I am finding where we sleep there are significant dips in the mattress, the middle has a raised area and now when sleeping in the bed, I feel I am dipping. I hate this bed and would not recommend it at all.

  • Review by: Sam Thorsbeh
    Date of Review: 25 February 2018

    Chester Memory 800 Review

    review rating

    In comparison to my last mattress this piece is unbelievable. The memory foam layer on the top of the springs is vey comfortable and allows your body to create its own sort of position in the bed. Would recommend to anybody looking for a brilliant value for money mattress.

  • Review by: Barbara Martinus
    Date of Review: 22 February 2018

    single divan

    review rating

    I bought this single firm Rest assured divan from Prestige Beds in Blackburn. It is exactly what I wanted -firm.and very comfortable. It was delivered and assembled in super quick time. I am delighted.

  • Review by: jackie
    Date of Review: 16 February 2018

    so comfortable!

    review rating

    We had returned an impulse buy from Groupon as it was so uncomfortable. We then went to Hafren's and were so amazed by the choice. We spent a lot of time trying out different beds in our price range and eventually went for this Thetford silk 800. After the previous disaster we were rather apprehensive but had a great nights sleep which has continued every night. This is a wonderful mattress of very good quality that I would recommend to anyone.

  • Review by: Mrs M
    Date of Review: 08 February 2018

    Purchased for the teenage daughter

    review rating

    Bought this mattress with the Ottoman divan, its fab and looks great, The mattress is extremely comfortable and what a great product, my daughter loves her new bed. Definitely will be recommending rest assured to friends and family.

  • Review by: Mrs M
    Date of Review: 08 February 2018

    Purchased the firm

    review rating

    After trying out many mattresses in the shops, this one came out the best for us , and have slept on it now for 3 nights , the husband loves it. I'm still adjusting , but it is very comfortable and has a luxurious feel. It is a very heavy mattress and we will see how we manage to rotate it. looking forward to enjoying many nights of sweet dreams.

  • Review by: Julie
    Date of Review: 04 February 2018

    Chester Memory 800

    review rating

    Excellent mattress. Very comfortably. Good nights sleep. We bought a king size for ourselves, it is so good we bought a double mattress exactly the same for our sons bed. Cant fault it. Would buy another one in 10 years time if they still make them. Easy to maintain. Mattress not to heavy for me to turn around.

  • Review by: Mr s Taylor
    Date of Review: 01 February 2018

    Silky calm sleep

    review rating

    Yes having spent may times on my old mattress , and the fact of some hotels on business and not liking some of theses so call fabulous beds in the ads! I thought that , getting the right bed would be a fact of having got and bought wrong one !! But I would like to say I have spent a bit of money on the perfect mattress to get me off to sleep safe and sound , and I love it !!! Thank you rest assured

  • Review by: Mrs J Howe
    Date of Review: 16 January 2018

    Rest assured 1400

    review rating

    I do so hate to make a complaint so early into a new year, but needs must. I purchased a rest assured bed with 1400+ Pocket springs in October 2017 and since it has caused me endless problems. It seems to have a magnet in the mattress and I no longer can get up in the morning and my constant backache has gone! I no longer feel as if I’m on a trampoline when my husband moves in bed during the night and I am late for all my appointments. I have generally been thrown into a very lazy state of mind!! Happy New Year ZZZZZZZZZ

  • Review by: Mr F A Deakins
    Date of Review: 08 January 2018

    Rest Assured 1400 Pocket Ortho Mattress

    review rating

    Thick, luxurious feeling mattress which feels extremely comfortable! Superb, firm support for bad back while giving best night of sleep and feeling refreshed on waking!

  • Review by: Aoife Raleigh
    Date of Review: 19 December 2017

    Great quality bed (Hylton Latex)

    review rating

    Extremely comfortable, yet solid bed. I would consider it a good investment. It’s superb quality, and I can highly recommend it to anyone considering buying a good bed.

  • Review by: Denise Boyle
    Date of Review: 19 December 2017

    At long last a decent nights sleep...

    review rating

    After years of nagging my husband I eventually persuaded him to purchase a new mattress. He can sleep anywhere soundly but I was fed up waking up in the middle of the bed in the dip where springs had all gone and constant sore hips (pressure points) . I tried about 25 mattresses until I spoke to the rep for rest assured and tried theirs. Quality is impeccable as hand crafted , great as you just rotate it periodically no need to turn it. First nights sleep ? ??? Like floating on a cloud , simply heavenly ! Feel refreshed every morning. If you have a hubby like mine keep nagging till he buys one. 5 stars !

  • Review by: Eren
    Date of Review: 18 December 2017

    Memory foam

    review rating

    Amazing feel and texture. Great customer service. Quick delivery. Very organized and helpful plus flexible availability of product choices.

  • Review by: Ahmed S
    Date of Review: 17 December 2017

    Incredible nights sleep

    review rating

    This mattress is firm yet incredibly comfortable. I used to suffer with low back problems and decided to buy myself a new mattress, I’ve had no problems with my back since!

  • Review by: william wildermoth
    Date of Review: 06 December 2017

    Aydon Silk 2000

    review rating

    My wife and I bought this double size mattress with a 4 draw divan on the recommendation of Donna at Perfect Dreams in Llandudno. They delivered and assembled the bed without any fuss and took our old one away - no extra charge! Very pleased with the QUALITY and Comfort it provides and would Recommend to anyone seeking a firm (but not too firm} bed Far superior to our old Pillow Top which although only 4 years old became most uncomfortable

  • Review by: pam
    Date of Review: 01 November 2017

    best ever matress

    review rating

    Ive had a memory foam matress for the last 7 years, decided it was time for a new one,i was adiment i would be buying another memory foam but my friend purchased one of these, after laying on it for 5 minutes i decided i would definately buy one of these instead, i suffer from lower back problems this matress has definately helped, it's so comfortable and my sleep has definately improved, i highly recommend it, 5 stars

  • Review by: Stubberfield
    Date of Review: 29 October 2017

    Very comfortable divan bed

    review rating

    The Rest Assured double divan bed with an Eloquence Silk Luxury 1400 mattress is very comfortable. It looks good too.

  • Review by: Katie
    Date of Review: 29 October 2017

    Best Night's Sleep I've had for a LONG time.

    review rating

    This mattress is soooo comfortable. Firm and yet it feels forgiving and cosy. An absolute dream to sleep on!

  • Review by: Bernadette
    Date of Review: 26 October 2017

    British wool firmer mattress 1400

    review rating

    This is a superior mattress, it's really deep and supports the entire body . I suffer with a bad back and chose this mattress to help elevate aches and pains. So far it seems to be working . Both my husband and myself have noticed that we are sleeping better and we wake up more refreshed. The only negative that I can see is, the mattress is very heavy and it will be difficult to turn and rotate .

  • Review by: Ami Crampton
    Date of Review: 25 October 2017

    The British Wool Medium Mattress

    review rating

    The mattress is very thick which really appealed to us in the store because we wanted to be higher up in bed. Myself and my husband both suffer from lower back pain so the mattress seemed ideal for this. We purchased the mattress with the Rest Assured Divan bed and Bennett Headboard. The divan and headboard are a lovely looking bed we are very pleased with the quality and the continental doors are a good feature. We have had the Divan and mattress for 4 weeks and are still getting used to sleeping on it. The first 2 weeks were bliss but both our lower back ache is starting to come back. Still giving it the benefit of the doubt because its such a good quality product. We are hoping our backs will adjust soon to the new mattress. Next time I think maybe I would opt for a Medium soft mattress rather than the medium.

  • Review by: Mrs Kent
    Date of Review: 08 August 2014

    Super ELQ memory luxury 800 mattress

    review rating

    Super comfortable matteress. Couldnt be more pleased with it. Not too expensive either. Now I can have a good nights sleep.Thank you.

  • Review by: Mrs Kent
    Date of Review: 08 August 2014

    Super ELQ memory luxury 800 mattress

    review rating

    Super comfortable matteress. Couldnt be more pleased with it. Not too expensive either. Now I can have a good nights sleep.Thank you.

  • Review by: Alex
    Date of Review: 20 April 2014

    Great value, especially when on sale

    review rating

    Our first night we doubted our choice of the Medium/Firm mattress, as it felt very hard, however as time has passed the mattress has bedded in (pun intended) and now that we've had it around two months we're very happy with it. Our backs are thanking us, and being able to sleep on a flat surface without rolling together in the middle during the night is fantastic. I have problems with my shoulders that kept waking me on our old (softer) mattress, however on this mattress I'm no longer having any problems.

  • Review by: A Ali
    Date of Review: 05 December 2013

    Ortho mattress

    review rating

    Hi, to all Very comfortable slightly on the hard firm side, good for us, no roll together-tested, we've used it for a month now. Rest Assured have used good quality of materials, a good buy, very happy with the quality of goods in relation to the price. Buy with confidence. Thank you. Time to lie down now, Zzzz

  • Review by: Dubhaltach Mac Lochlainn
    Date of Review: 22 November 2013

    A smooth night's sleep

    review rating

    We have our pocket sprung latex mattress for a week now and I now look forward to a good night's sleep every night. On our last mattress, I used to wake up with discomfort in the middle of the night, and get up in the morning with aches and pains. Since changing to a rest assured mattress, I remember nothing until my alarm goes off! The pocket springs really dampen any movement, which means that my wife doesn't wake me up when she gets up herself. I'm so glad we changed mattress and bought a quality replacement.