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Love this

5 stars Review by: 50spinuplover Date of Review: 23 September 2015

I literately just purchased this mattress and im guessing a day or two after its now been discontinued lucky me that i did snatch this up in time, its so comfortable to sleep on best night sleep i have had in ages, my old mattress i would back up with alot of knots in my back, pain every morning, sometimes it would get so back i couldn't move for weeks at a time, it was terrible my husband wouldn't be able to sleep at nights and neither would i. This one is so sturdy we didn't feel each other move about of get out of bed and i didn't toss or turn in the night so comfortable so glad i purchased this when i did, i love how it was described gave me all the information i needed and mmore

Minerva 2000

5 stars Review by: Kevin Smith Date of Review: 05 January 2015

I have just read that this mattress has been discontinued, which is a shame because it is by far the best mattress I have had the pleasure of owning. It is firm but sooo comfortable and very warm - we bought it just before xmas and getting up in the morning for the first day back to work was particularly difficult, maybe the onset of Spring and some warmer weather will change our minds but currently there is no better place than snuggling under the duvet on this amazing mattress. If you are looking for a medium to firm supportive mattress and you find one of these - SNAP IT UP!! - you will not be disappointed!

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Minerva Luxury 2000 Mattress - Discontinued

Comfort rating: medium firm

The Minerva Luxury 2000 mattress contains 2,000 individual springs packed tightly into pockets so that each spring is ready and waiting to support every inch of your body. Generous layers of deep, sumptuous fillings provide luxurious comfort and cushioning.

Each mattress is hand tufted by our master craftsmen in the UK. The process of hand tufting makes the mattress retain its shape and firmness for years to come.

The edges of the mattress are reinforced which means you can sleep right to the edge without fear of rolling off.

This 28cm mattress is single sided, so you don’t need to turn it over, simply rotate it from time to time.

You can trust Rest Assured, the pocket spring specialist, for affordable, luxury beds. All our beds and mattresses are made in the UK and guaranteed for 5 years.

Mattress height 28cm

Available Sizes:

Single Bed
3" Single
Double Bed
4'6" Double
King Size
5" King
Super King Size
6" Super King
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