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Excellent mattress

5 stars Review by: Alex Date of Review: 19 November 2015

Incredibly comfortable mattress which is giving me a great night's sleep. It's also warm. No issues with back ache or anything, the only problem is I don't want to get up in the morning.

Jasmine Latex 2000 Mattress

5 stars Review by: Mags Hanratty Date of Review: 01 February 2015

Totally love this mattress, it is really the most comfortable sleep I have ever had. Very reasonably priced in comparison to other brands. Can't recommend it highly enough. Can't wait to go to sleep every night!

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Jasmine Latex 2000 Mattress

Handmade pocket sprung mattress with 2000* springs, individual support for every inch of your back.

Indulgent, premium natural latex pillow top for unsurpassed comfort and ease of movement, so you wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Self-cleaning mattress completely eliminates mould and dust mites without chemicals.

Luxury yarn sleeping surface encourages easy movement.

Tufted right through the mattress for long lasting support.

Handles for ease of movement.

Air vents in the mattress allow air to circulate freely.

Recommended for bedsteads.

Tried and tested for comfort.

*Listed spring counts are based on a king size mattress (measuring 5ft x 6ft 6in /150cm x 200cm). The amount of springs will alter on a pro-rata basis dependent on mattress size.

Available Sizes:

Single Bed
3" Single
Double Bed
4'6" Double
King Size
5" King
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