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    Rest Assured, is helping the region’s Women’s Institute members get their Christmas celebrations off to a tasty start after donating 750 packets of biscuits to the North Yorkshire West Federation WI to use at various events that help local communities. 

    The UK luxury bed company, based in Barnoldswick, had hundreds of packets of the tasty treats to donate to a worthy cause. It was important that they were used to use them to give something back to a community project that would appreciate them.

    The WI

    is the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK and plays a unique role in providing women with the chance to build new skills, take part in a variety of activities and campaign on issues that matter to themselves and their communities.

    The organisation plans to use the biscuits in a number of events they have coming up including the Federation quiz, events and workshops.

    Michelle Gracey, Federation Secretary for the WI said: “We very much appreciate this kind donation from Rest Assured, any donation to our voluntary organisation is always a huge help in keeping us doing what we do. It’s great to know that people appreciate what we’re doing and that they’re willing to help us in achieving our goals. And of course, tea, biscuits and WI are always a good combination.”

    Sally Hotchin, Brand Manager for Rest Assured said: “We always relish the opportunity of giving something back to our local community and the WI is a fantastic organisation. We’re always happy to help any good cause wherever we can.”

    British bed specialist Rest Assured is known for bringing traditional styling and indulgent comfort to the bedroom at affordable prices. 

    Handmade in Barnoldswick, using tried and tested techniques, all Rest Assured beds and mattresses have been specifically designed to allow for easy movement and optimum back support.


  • The Huffington Post UK reviews Sherbourne Latex 2000

    Today we're sharing a fantastic review from The Huffington Post UK's Lifestyle Editor Poorna Bell. Check out her thoughts on the fantastic Sherbourne Latex 2000 from Rest Assured's new Heritage Collection below. 

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    Huffington Post UK reviews Sherbourne Latex 2000 bed


    Sherbourne Latex 2000

    Tartan is making something of a resurgence in interiors this spring. But rather than the bold greens & reds of the 90’s, tartan in 2014 uses soft, neutral tones for a fresher, more versatile look. Team soft toned tartans with throws and cushions that pick out the colours in the pattern to bring Celtic charm to the home. 

    To get the look in the bedroom, choose Rest Assured’s Vittoria headboard in Viola. Viola tartan boasts warm neutral tones with a hint of heather so it’s on-trend and versatile.  What’s more, this hand upholstered classic tall headboard is generously padded with sumptuous fillings for a touch of luxury.   

    The headboard is part of Rest Assured’s Heritage Collection which celebrates traditional British styling and brings indulgent comfort to the bedroom at affordable prices. A standard double Vittoria headboard costs £209.

    The Rest Assured Heritage Collection is available in independent bed retailers and furniture stores across the UK now. For more details and to find your local stockist, visit /where-to-buy/


  • Rest Assured shortlisted in House Beautiful Awards 2013

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    We’re proud to announce that Rest Assured was shortlisted in this year’s prestigious House Beautiful Awards.  

    The Cashmere Luxury 2000 divan bed, from Rest Assured’s Eloquence Collection, was shortlisted in the Best Furniture category at the awards from the maker’s of House Beautiful, one of the UK’s most popular homes and interiors magazines. 

    The awards ceremony took place in London on Thursday 24th October and although the Cashmere Luxury 2000 didn’t win an award, it was an honour to have received such recognition. 

  • Keep cool at night with Rest Assured

    With this summer’s hot, humid weather causing many a sleepless night across the UK, consider a mattress with natural fillings which are better than most synthetic materials at regulating body temperature allowing you to naturally keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

    Cashmere Luxury 2000 Main RT

    The Cashmere Luxury 2000 mattress from Rest Assured contains cashmere, fine silk and pure new wool fillings which stay lovely and cool through summer by drawing heat away from your body as you sleep. 

    The 2000 pocket sprung mattress also contains comfortable and breathable EcoComfort® Fibres which are proven to reduce heat build up through the night. A luxury, quilted soft knitted fabric surface provides the perfect sleeping surface.

    Iftikhar Mirza, quality assurance manager at Rest Assured, said: “Your mattress can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Natural fibres are renowned for keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter - ideal for people who are struggling to sleep during the hot spell.”

    The Rest Assured Eloquence Collection is available in independent bed retailers and furniture stores across the UK now. To find your local stockist, visit Where To Buy.

     Where To Buy.

  • Customers can 'Rest Assured' as new look website launches

    British luxury bed specialist, Rest Assured has unveiled a new look consumer website aimed at supporting retailers by allowing customers to find their ideal bed and directing them to a stockist in just 3 clicks.

    The enhanced functionality will allow customers to search for specific bed features; narrowing down their product search by size, firmness, fillings and specific needs. They will then be directed straight to a local or online retailer who stocks the product that they’ve selected.

    The new look site also includes an enhanced customer review section, underlining the brands commitment to customer service and quality control by featuring feedback from customers to reassure buyers in their decision making process.

    The ‘ask us’ section will support retailer communications by educating customers about the breadth of the Rest Assured product range and explaining the features and benefits of specific products.

    Sally Hotchin, brand manager for Rest Assured, said: “Our new customer website has been revamped specifically with our customers in mind.

    “The new features will ensure that customers can find a product that is right for them and buy it from their choice retailer.

    “Our enhanced customer review section is testament to the quality of all our products, with almost all our beds receiving at least four stars out of five.”

    With 115 years bed making experience, Rest Assured beds and mattresses are specifically designed to allow for easy movement and optimum back support. This careful balance provides the right environment for the fluids in your spine to repair it from aches and pains whilst you receive personalised support for every inch of your body thanks to our pocket springs.

    All Rest Assured beds and mattresses are rigorously tested for comfort and durability; in it’s BSI approved testing lab and by bed experts.


  • Latex Provides the Ultimate Comfort

    With over 100 years experience making beautiful, affordable luxury beds; Rest Assured are well aware of the unprecedented comfort of their sumptuous latex fillings. It’s the latest in bedtime comfort, a natural and supportive filling which provides luxurious comfort like no other. Iftikhar Mirza, Rest Assured’s Product Quality Manager, answers some questions to reveal the true benefits of latex once and for all.

    Q. What is latex? It sounds like some sort of synthetic material...

    A. It may not sound like it, but latex is a natural material, it is made from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and our latex is also aerated for extra bounce and coolness.

    Q. I’ve heard memory foam is best for people with bad backs...

    A. Latex is extra bouncy, so it allows you to move around in bed much more easily than you could on a thick memory foam mattress. It is important that you move in your sleep as this allows the fluid to move around your spine to keep it “well oiled” and free of toxins

    Q. I have a latex allergy, should I avoid latex mattresses?

    A. The latex that is used in all Rest Assured mattresses is effectively “cooked” before it goes into the mattress. This diminishes risk of allergic reactions to almost nil.

    Q. What makes Rest Assured latex mattresses better than other latex products?

    A. At Rest Assured, we combine a generous layer of latex with 1,000’s of individually responsive pocket springs. Our springs are packed into pockets under tension so that they are ready and waiting to provide support. The springs are reinforced around the edges to prevent roll off. The pressure map shows one of our latex mattresses performs in testing. You can see that the mattress provides maximum support with minimum pressure.