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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.  If you can't find what you're looking for please visit ask us to submit a question to one of our bed experts.

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you have stopped producing the Sacha 2000 matteress, and if so what is the closest equivilant to this matteress that you currently produce? Thank you Question from Jade Miet-Piechocki


We have discontinued the Sacha.  The nearest equivalen now is the White Angel.

The Rest Assured White Angel mattress unites one of the most sophisticated spring systems used in the manufacture of mattresses with a thick layer of memory foam, presenting you with an astonishingly luxurious product.  If you haven’t heard of memory foam before it is basically a foam that modifies its shape using heat and body weight, so it moulds to the user’s contours giving greater comfort and support all over the body. It has greater benefits for back pain sufferers compared to say an open coil sprung mattress, as it reduces pressure points and helps ease back pain, as it retains the back in a neutral position while sleeping.  The combination of memory foam and spring system brings an extra comfortable night’s sleep. 

It not only brings a good night’s but also looks great too it has been made from the best materials available, with a base and headboard in a choice of beautiful pastel colours.  As memory foam mattresses form into the shape of your body lumpy, saggy mattresses become a thing of the past giving you far greater comfort and a better sleep. This is an exceptionally good quality bed and has the huge added benefit of being a non turn mattress, which does away with the need to turn the mattress saving your back yet another strenuous task.  

The mattress is also well suited to most bed frames.